Re: GNOME Games source name

On Thu, 2016-06-02 at 07:05 -0500, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
Since this app has not yet been packaged by distros, I think now
be a great time to change the name (GNOME Video Games is my
preference). A name change would be painful down the road, but if we
it now it's not so bad. We discussed more name possibilities a couple
years ago [1].

But it's ultimately Adrian's choice. Distros can surely get by



I talked with Adrien and he doesn't want to change the name... so GNOME
Games it will continue to be. So there's probably not much point to
continued discussion here.

I realize this is inconvenient for Debian and other distros that might
need to pick a different source package name, but the original upstream
gnome-games module was removed in GNOME 3.8, so it's been three years
from an upstream perspective and we're fine with reusing the name at
this point.


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