Re: GNOME Games source name

AFAIK the application is already distributed in Arch since 3.18 and as a Flatpak with the gnome-games name. Also this name change causes no or next to no problem from the project's POV as the gnome-games name is deprecated since at least two years now.

This seems like a distribution problem and one which is specific to Debian and its derivatives, so after more reflection changing the project's name is probably not the solution, especially as nothing prevents Debian to use a different package name like the one suggested by Michael.

Adrien Plazas

Le mer. 1 juin 2016 à 5:40, Jeremy Bicha <jbicha linux com> a écrit :
It's very confusing to have a new app whose source is named gnome-games [1] since that name was already used not that long ago.[2] On Debian and derivatives, gnome-games is still in active use [3] as a metapackage for those who would like to easily install all of the games in the gnome-apps moduleset.[4] As far as I know, the new gnome-games has not been picked up by distros yet, so a rename now should be minimally disruptive. Note: My objection here's isn't to the display name of "Games" or "GNOME Games". I believe the source package needs a different name though. A quick look at the description field of the git repo suggests one potential new name: gnome-games-launcher. Thanks, Jeremy [1] [2] [3] [4] _______________________________________________ desktop-devel-list mailing list desktop-devel-list gnome org

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