Re: gnome-screensaver: Up for grabs?


On 21 July 2016 at 13:42, Ikey Doherty <michael i doherty intel com> wrote:
So Jeremy Bicha kindly contacted me the other day to express concern
with Budgie/GNOME Screensaver. I had been toying with the notion of
forking GNOME Screensaver due to its deadness, and making it work
better for Budgie/Modern GNOME integration.

Jeremy correctly pointed out it might be worth maintaining the
project instead, which I'm up for.

AFAIR, gnome-screensaver is part of the "Flashback" session:

given that it uses Metacity.

So - assuming its up for grabs, I'd have a couple of things I'd
like to do immediately to it:

 - Enforce my own coding style (Sorry, I use .clang-format as part
of my CI processes)

Changing the coding style is usually a good way to break the history
of a project, and `git blame` alongside with it. It usually is up to
the maintainer to decide the coding style, but for established
projects — even unmaintained ones — history is probably more relevant
than coding style.

 - Run it via various static analysis tools as part of the cleanup

Don't see anything wrong with this.

 - Enforce C99 (Ideally I'd like C11 but I don't know if GNOME will
permit this? Would be an interesting discussion)

GNOME, as a project, does not mandate a C standard. There are some
projects that wish to still support compilers that do not wholly
support the C99 or C11 standards — like MSVC. Considering that
gnome-screensaver is an X11-only project that has no portability
outside of Linux and Unix-y OSes, it probably only needs to care about
GCC and Clang.

 - Enhance theme-a-bility
 - Permit RGBA on top level components (not wallpaper) and update the
   UI style, to enable proper theming (I need this for Budgie
integration). Essentially this would revert locking the UI to the old
GNOME Shell styling

Styling via CSS is likely safer than loading C modules that may or may
not compromise the integrity of the locking screen. I'm not entirely
sure what "themability" means in this context, though.

So with those points in mind, is it up for grabs, would you want me
grabbing it, and are my points acceptable? :)

You probably want to talk to the maintainers of the Flashback session,
to ensure that you're not breaking their expectations; other than
that, gnome-screensaver is essentially not part of the GNOME session,
so it's entirely up to you to decide the direction of the project, if
you wish to own it.


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