Re: gnome-screensaver: Up for grabs?

On Thu, 2016-07-21 at 13:42 +0100, Ikey Doherty wrote:
Hi all,

So Jeremy Bicha kindly contacted me the other day to express concern
with Budgie/GNOME Screensaver. I had been toying with the notion of
forking GNOME Screensaver due to its deadness, and making it work
better for Budgie/Modern GNOME integration.

Jeremy correctly pointed out it might be worth maintaining the
project instead, which I'm up for.

You should really rename it. The gnome-screensaver product in Bugzilla
is closed, so that screensaver related bugs don't end up there even
though we (GNOME) don't use it anymore.

gnome-flashback-screensaver, if gnome-flashback folks want to use it,
would be fine. Otherwise, a completely different name would be better.

You can then rename pages like:
in the Wiki.

See also:

And you can see an example canned closure message, which we used after
triaging the bugs that might still affect GNOME:


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