Re: Multi DPI user interface

Can I suggest that as this work is done you keep in mind (what I hope) is the long term objective to provide correct dpi scaling.

e.g. a 10 point font should measure 10/72 of an inch regardless of the resolution or physical size of a monitor.

I may (as an end user) want to then apply different scaling to each monitor.

The current system where a 10 point font is a different size on each monitor makes no sense.


On 20/07/16 22:27, Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Tue, 2016-07-19 at 23:23 +0800, Jonas Ådahl wrote:
Well, 3 options with the other one being to have "A" and "B" content
placed in individual files, i.e. Screenshot - 2016-07-19 - 12:34 -
LVDS1.png and Screenshot - 2016-07-19 - 12:34 - HDMI1.png, each one
their correct resolution
As Christian mentioned, the 4th option is to pass on that data on "raw"
(along with metadata such as the scaling factor), and let the "front-
ends" deal with it.

For gnome-settings-daemon's screenshot functionality, we'd probably
stitch the screenshots together either as per option #1 or #2 but more
involved screenshotting tools could offer different options.

In short, don't bake the end-user application design choices into the
API for this.

On that note, relying on the cursor position is as bad an idea as it
ever was with touchscreens, or for when we implement the "presentation"
screen mode (which is inaccessible for anything but display).
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