mentor, apply, or spread the word for Outreachy

Hi all,

GNOME is participating in Outreachy in the upcoming December round! For this round, the program expanded to 
be open to people of color underrepresented in tech in the U.S., in addition to being open to women, trans 
men, and genderqueer people internationally. You can learn more about the motivation for this expansion in 
Software Freedom Conservancy's press release [1].

You can sign up to mentor! - Because GNOME only usually has a few participants in Outreachy, we are looking 
to offer projects that are most strategic for GNOME. These include, but are not limited to, projects in the 
area of privacy, developer experience, GTK+, core experience, core applications, and web infrastructure. 
Please add coding and non-coding ideas you are willing to mentor in Outreachy on its page this week [2].

You can apply to participate! - In the next four weeks, applicants are invited to work with mentors on making 
relevant contributions and putting together a project proposal [3].

You can help spread the word! - Please encourage people personally to apply, post on social networks, send 
the information to technology groups and to the university departments, and post the flyers on university 
campuses or hand them out at conferences. For university outreach, we are particularly interested in 
spreading the word to students in the Southern Hemisphere, who will have a school summer break during the 
internship dates. Sample e-mail, sample social network updates, and a flyer are available on the spread the 
word page [4].



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