[Beginner] Getting started with GNOME and open source contribution

Hi all,

I want to contribute to open source and for this I have selected GNOME for this purpose. I am a student in CS,can code in C,C++ and python and have studied the algorithms taught in any undergrad course.

My question - How I can contribute ? I know this is very broad question, let me narrow it down.

I searched about GNOME main ideas. I know GNOME has many projects but main idea revolves around desktop environments. I started out with GTK(some coding). All I know now is GTK is used for developing interfaces for applications. I don't have any application now.. Can I still contribute without getting in depth with GTK.  Please suggest.

Also I am getting started with fixing some bugs. But in the later stage I want to contribute a feature. That's the real contribution right ? So what are the GNOME projects with are quite simple to start with ( implementing a feature ) for a beginner. 

Also, I know you are experienced people. Please tell me straight to the point that this is wrong/right. I am ready for hard work and learning but GNOME is so matured that it is over-whelming for a beginner for me. 

Umang J.

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