Re: [Beginner] Getting started with GNOME and open source contribution

Hello Umang,

I'm glad that you're interested in contributing to Gnome!  The best place to start is by reading the Gnome Newcomer's Guide:"">

The Get Involved page also has some help:

Start small by making a documentation contribution or verifying bugs and then expand into code once you understand how the community works.

Hi all,

I want to contribute to open source and for this I have selected GNOME for this purpose. I am a student in CS,can code in C,C++ and python and have studied the algorithms taught in any undergrad course.

My question - How I can contribute ? I know this is very broad question, let me narrow it down.

I searched about GNOME main ideas. I know GNOME has many projects but main idea revolves around desktop environments. I started out with GTK(some coding). All I know now is GTK is used for developing interfaces for applications. I don't have any application now.. Can I still contribute without getting in depth with GTK.  Please suggest.

Also I am getting started with fixing some bugs. But in the later stage I want to contribute a feature. That's the real contribution right ? So what are the GNOME projects with are quite simple to start with ( implementing a feature ) for a beginner. 

Also, I know you are experienced people. Please tell me straight to the point that this is wrong/right. I am ready for hard work and learning but GNOME is so matured that it is over-whelming for a beginner for me. 

Umang J.

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