Re: Current status of the GNOME Github mirror

On Tue, 2015-05-05 at 18:51 +0200, Andrea Veri wrote:
That said, I would like to invite anyone interested to include the
sample file above on the module/s they contribute to. If you have a
different opinion on how this should be managed, please follow up to
this thread.

I used to think that all discussion, code reviews and patches should be
handled through Bugzilla, but I’ve come to change my opinion. I think we
should allow pull requests (although perhaps not actively encourage
them), because given the choice between:
 • a contributor giving up because Bugzilla is another account to create
   and another tool to learn;
 • a contributor using Bugzilla but badly, and uploading a terrible
   patch which doesn’t apply cleanly; or
 • a contributor submitting a pull request;

I would much rather receive the pull request, pull it in git, fix it up,
and push it. If further discussion is required, I think there’s a
reasonable chance of engaging the contributor at that point and moving
discussion across to Bugzilla.

The main reasoning behind a patch should be summarised in the commit
message anyway.

So I would be in favour of not discouraging pull requests, on the
condition that we can guarantee all module maintainers will be notified
of new pull requests from GitHub on the modules they maintain —
otherwise pull requests are going to stagnate, and that’s not good for


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