Re: Current status of the GNOME Github mirror

On Tue, May 5, 2015, at 12:51 PM, Andrea Veri wrote:

more than half a year has passed since the GNOME Github mirror was
setup and we are incredibly happy that it has contributed positively
to bring more contributors to the GNOME Project.

I'm actually confused as to how the mirror helps bring
more contributors.  The repositories show up in github search or something?
...looks for original context...

"The aim of this mirror is just to serve as a starting point for people
wanting to have a public branch where they can publicize their work
even if they don't have a GNOME account. It should also help
maintainers keep track of the work people is doing out there with
their code."

If we're saying people should submit via Bugzilla, doesn't that obviate
both of the above?

It's clear PRs might be seen as a handy and straightforward way to
contribute code or documentation to a specific GNOME module especially
for contributors that aren't familiar with GNOME's procedures of
submitting patches. 

For ostree: and libglnx we are currently intentionally
using PRs as most people on the team find them better than Bugzilla
(broadly speaking).

I'm certainly cognizant of issues such as github not being FOSS,
the inconsistency with other projects hosted in GNOME, but
with the current status quo, if the choice is between "don't use PRs"
or "don't be in GNOME infra" that's likely going to come down to
choosing the latter for us.

[Speaking for myself actually, I haven't consulted the other ostree
 contributors, but they should feel free to speak up]

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