Re: How do you hack on GNOME? How can we do better?

On Tue, 2015-07-21 at 03:11 +0100, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
Another problem I didn't mention which is that sometime the checkout
dir makes "make" go bonkers at some point even with jhbuild build 
-fac. It is quite often that I update my jhbuild setup after ages of 
not touching it and I have to basically "rm -rf * && git reset -
-hard" and configure again to get the build going again. Given how 
long it takes to jhbuild everything this is another extremely 
annoying point that we can't ensure won't hit people. You can't leave 
the thing building and go make a coffee, you have to work for the 
automation system instead of the other way around. It is really a 
disaster if you ask me that we enforce this on every GSoC student :/

Perhaps the ideal solution would be to decouple the dependencies. When
I'm trying to fix up some mail protocol back end in Evolution, I really
*shouldn't* need to upgrade my entire system to the very latest
glib/gtk+ and then upgrade a whole bunch of *applications* which for
some reason don't work with the new libraries.

In this thread we're talking about tooling to *help* me set up a
container with that full set of upgraded stuff, but we seem to be
missing the point that in an ideal world I shouldn't need it at all.

(It doesn't help that we don't have symbol versioning, so the distro
packaging has a lot of dependencies wrong, of course. So just running
'dnf --releasever=rawhide update gnome-foo' tends to break.)

I often actually find myself testing on the *stable* branch of
evolution-data-server, then committing blindly to master. Which is
entirely the wrong way round.

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