Re: Search Providers

On Fri, 2015-01-30 at 09:43 -0500, Erick Pérez Castellanos wrote:
You could get the best of both worlds by doing what gnome-documents
does (ie. use an inactivity-timeout):

That way, your process does not linger for ever, but it stays around
long enough to cache a quick series of searches.

That would present the same problem initially. We would want the app
to return the search results as fast as it can, but since it takes
some times to load the machiney initially, the user would have to type
his query, wait a few seconds for the first results and then, after
that, the querying will get a better, snappier.

And this makes me think on when does gnome-shell span its
gnome-shell-calendar-server. I'm thinking about those applications on
Windows that registers itself to be started at launch. Do we want that
for our users? Or it's better to slow search at times.

As I see it, the correct solution is to optimise the startup of both
search result providers (and their dependencies, e.g. folks and EDS).


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