Search Providers


I thought initially of mailing this to gnome-shell list, but after a
bit of thought I think it belongs here instead.

I have the case of two applications: Contacts and Calendar and its
search-providers. The case is that those two when launched in order to
perform a search need to connect to eds and perform long time running
operations. Contacts needs to connect to Folks which in turn connects
to EDS services and then make the matching, and Calendar connects to
EDS to create calendar-client and query the calendars for the range
inspected. It is then, when the applications are ready to execute some

My idea was to have them (the app, which provides search at the same
time) running all the time in the background, but that feels like
using the resources of the CPU without the user knowing. True, the
user can do some digging and disable the search-providers if he feel
some lagging or wasting of resources, but I'm not so sure. Good
defaults is what we should do right? That brings me to: what would be
the best course of action here?

A final note about this: both apps would benefit from being running
perpetually; the  launch time would shorten by a lot, because we would
just need to create the windows.


PS: I have no idea of what the epiphany search providers does, but I
guess something like this would happens if it would provides search
thourgh Google or the search-engine of choice.
PSS: Right now Contacts makes a full launch on every call to its
search-provider. This could improve once Folks gains a matching cache,
but that's not close at leat for now.

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