Re: help needed for OSK layout files

Mathieu Bridon <bochecha fedoraproject org> writes:

Would it make sense to add Caribou layouts for input methods?

In the future, perhaps.  Currently, we are collecting layouts which have
corresponding entries in XKB.

For example, the Cangjie input method uses the en_US layout. However, it
associates a Chinese radical to each Latin letter on the en_US layout.

We can't do that with physical keyboards, but with an OSK, it could be
nice to display not the Latin letters in such a case, but instead the
Chinese radicals associated to each?

Though some extra machinery would be needed in gnome-shell, IBus, or
engines, there is a bug toward allowing libcaribou consumers to supply
such "artificial" layouts:
The first step was to slim down libcaribou into a simple layout loader,
by removing dependencies on at-spi, X11, etc.

Daiki Ueno

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