Re: Clone of 2048 for Gnome

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 3:10 PM, Juan R. <juanrgar gmail com> wrote:
Hi, I just noticed there exists a libgames-scores library; however I do not see any game depending on it yet. Is it usable already? Thank you. Regards, Juan.

It's almost ready; at least, it's in a good enough state for GNOME 2048, I think. (You'll notice a few rough edges: the scores dialog is too wide, and there's no gtkdoc yet.) It's currently targeted for 3.16, but a slip to 3.18 becomes more probable as our feature freeze approaches. We want to move all games that keep scores to use this library. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it to you. There is a sidebranch of GNOME Robots that is already using it.


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