Re: Gnome / systemd

On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 11:58 AM, Patrick Erdmann <patrick perdmann de> wrote:
(this is just a resend message from devuan list... But i would like to get
technical answers and no flamewar)

I would like to know how you, as a GNOME Core member, think about systemd ->
Gnome and Operating Systems like the BSDs.

Systemd offers us many useful APIs (in some cases, it directly took
over D-Bus APIs that we've had to maintain ourselves before). It makes
building a functional desktop on linux much easier and thus is very

And i already asked this in IRC but what is the result you (The Gnome Team)
expect. Is the systemd dependency just because of dbus and logind?

The dbus part is the part which i understand. But what is actually the
benefit of using logind in comparison to pam.

The question really doesn't make much sense.

First, D-Bus has been around for more than a decade, not just on linux
but on bsds as well, and should absolutely not be a controversial
dependency. Mentioning it in the same context is 'guilt by
association' and demonstrates lack of factual knowledge.

Second, pam does not do any of the things that logind does. We are
still using pam for what it _does_ offer...

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