background image spanning multiple monitors


I'm trying to setup my desktop with a background image which spans
multiple monitors. In my case 4. As I poked around on the internet, it
looks like the mult-monitor "spanning" option has been removed from the
latest version of Gnome. (I'm running fedora 21.) Any reason why it was

My main issue, and its basically a visual one, is that I have 2 4K
monitors, and the monitors I have use MST tiling. So one each monitor, I
have two copies of the background image, tiled side by side. It would be
nice to get rid of this tiled background. (I can't use xinerama since if
I enable xinerama it kills the composite feature in the nvidia driver
and gnome won't load.)

Anyhow... Just asking. (If there's a work around that would be great.)

Thanks. Steve.

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