Re: background image spanning multiple monitors

On Tue, 2015-01-06 at 15:18 -0500, Stephen Adler wrote:

I'm trying to setup my desktop with a background image which spans
multiple monitors. In my case 4. As I poked around on the internet, it
looks like the mult-monitor "spanning" option has been removed from the
latest version of Gnome. (I'm running fedora 21.) Any reason why it was

It was removed from the Background panel because it was almost always a
poor choice. See this enhancement bug:

My main issue, and its basically a visual one, is that I have 2 4K
monitors, and the monitors I have use MST tiling. So one each monitor, I
have two copies of the background image, tiled side by side.

Sounds like you want the MST tiles to act as a single monitor, which is
something that Dave Airlie is working on.

 It would be
nice to get rid of this tiled background. (I can't use xinerama since if
I enable xinerama it kills the composite feature in the nvidia driver
and gnome won't load.)

Anyhow... Just asking. (If there's a work around that would be great.)

While waiting for proper MST support, you can use gnome-tweak-tool to
set the background to "spanned". See under the "Desktop" section.


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