Re: Commit auto-links in bugzilla comments

On Wed, 2015-02-11 at 09:52 -0800, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
Out of curiosity, is there anything wrong with just copy/pasting a 

I did that for the past few months. My comments in bugzilla sometimes 
look like:
   Created commit 123456 in evo master (x.y.z+) [1]
   Created commit 987654 in eds master (x.y.z+) [2]

   [1] link-to-evo-commit-123456
   [2] link-to-eds-commit-987654

where "x.y.z+" is version when the fix will be included first.

The thing is that since the update of the bugzilla the part of the 
text "Created commit xxxx ..." was recognized and the commit number 
had been underlined (made click-able).

As you can see, one of the auto-links will be wrong in the example 
above, because one bug cannot be in both evolution-data-server and 
evolution. Such "false-positive" may make confusion to bug readers. 
That was the reason to start this thread.

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