Re: Canonical jhbuild documentation

On 11/02/15 12:28, Michael Hill wrote:
On Tue, Feb 10, 2015, at 01:00 PM, Ekaterina Gerasimova wrote: is the one that seems to be
preferred by most docs newcomers and team members so from my point of
view it would be good that the final result resembles it and works
just as well.

jhbuilding applications and even the Shell is not a task which is
restricted to newcomers, so it seems a bit odd to chose the GNOME love
namespace for the final result.

If the myriad of the jhbuild pages is reduced to only one, it would be
good if redirects are added at the old locations.
Not to be difficult, but as a non-newcomer, I'd be okay if the
frequently updated and minimalistic HowDoI page were used as a reference
for keeping the GNOME love page up to date.
jhbuild is just a mess on distro's that link with --as-needed (atleast Ubuntu does, but surely there are 
others). If you want it to be easy for
newcomers you somehow need to overcome that first!


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