Giving up maintainership of Dictionary and 2048

Hello all,

I inform you that I'm giving up maintainership of Gnome Dictionary (the well-known gnome-dictionary) and Gnome 2048 (a game I wrote some time ago). I'm also giving up other other modules I maintain, libchamplainmm and clutter-gtkmm, although these probably not used by anybody.

Right now I do not have the time required to dully comply with the needs of these modules. Therefore, I prefer someone else takes on maintainership of them, especially of Dictionary, which is an official module.

Regarding Dictionary, we recently started updating its UI to adapt it to the upstream Gnome look and feel. I wish I had finished it for the 3.18 release, but unfortunately I have not :( Of course, please feel free to ask me about any recent changes on it.

I just want to say it has been a really great experience, I'm very thankful to all of you; without the help of the Gnome community I would have not even made the first release. So thank you.

Best regards,

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