Re: Death of gnome-common

Sébastien Wilmet <swilmet gnome org> writes:

I've migrated GtkSourceView, and now when running I see those

    + glib-gettextize --force --copy
    Copying file po/
    Please add the files
      codeset.m4 gettext.m4 glibc21.m4 iconv.m4 isc-posix.m4 lcmessage.m4
    from the /home/seb/jhbuild/share/aclocal directory to your autoconf macro directory
    or directly to your aclocal.m4 file.
    You will also need config.guess and config.sub, which you can get from

Is it normal? We don't want to add those m4 files on git. For
autoconf-archive macros, we have chosen the preferred option, i.e.
adding a dependency on autoconf-archive instead of copying the macros.
So for gettext we want to do the same.

Since those files are not used by glib-gettextize nor glib-gettext.m4, I
suppose you can simply ignore the message.

The m4 files except gettext.m4 were needed to compile bundled libintl,
which glib-gettextize abandoned long ago, and gettext.m4 only defines
AM_GNU_GETTEXT_*, which are not invoked when glib-gettext.m4 is used.

Daiki Ueno

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