Re: A dock

Hi all,

Ubuntu switched to Unity" one), but I'll just say: getting users back
from what? Why do we need to convert the small pool of Linux users,
when a larger pool of non-Linux users exists to be tapped?

That's a very interesting point. But I'm wondering what GNOME's current
strategy to attract non-Linux users currently is. from my experience,
the very vast majority of users just use what comes installed with their
hardware. What kind of public-oriented hardware (phone, tablet, laptop,
desktop) comes (today) with GNOME pre-installed? What distribution / OS
should manufacturers install on their phone / tablet / laptop / desktop
if they ever wanted to provide a GNOME-based experience with their
hardware out of the box?

PS: I'm not trying to be provocative here, I'm just questioning whether
there is a strategy that I don't know of behind these words, or if these
are just the reflect of your hopes.

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