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one thing that was discussed a bit here at the Boston Summit is the
situation with webkit - we are currently depending on both webkit1 and
webkit2, which is not a good situation.

Yes :-(

Unfortunately, porting to
webkit2 requires some work (in the case of geary, quite a bit of

It's possible that in some cases we need to add new API to WebKit, for
those cases, I encourage people to file reports bugs as soon as possible,
so that we have the whole cycle to design, implement and test the new
API additions. Also, feel free to add me to the CC of any bug containing
patches that I could help reviewing or whatever.

I've started to set up a page here to track this:

It needs a lot more information - I'm not an expert on webkit, so any
help in fleshing this out would be appreciated.

Ok, I'll start by adding the status of modules I know about. Remember
that we are always available to help in out mailing list
webkit-gtk lists webkit org and #webkigtk+ on freenode.

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