RFC: GSound, a GObject library for playing system sounds

Hi all,

A little while ago I wrote a small library called GSound (remarkably, a name which doesn’t seem to have been 
used before, at least on my Fedora installation). It wraps the libcanberra API and “GObject-ifies” it so it 
can be properly used in introspected languages. I’ve recently dug it back up and dusted it off ready for 
public release. The code is available at


and the generated documentation can be found at


(libcanberra itself isn’t introspectable, which I believe has caused problems for various projects in the 
past, and is the reason GSound exists.)

If anyone has the time, I’d be very grateful if another pair of eyes could have a look over the API and 
perhaps give it a try before I declare it stable. Please let me know if you spot any problems or have any 
comments — feel free to contact me off-list or use the Github issue tracker (and patches are even more 
welcome of course!)

I also have a couple of quick questions:

* What is the status of the libcanberra GTK module? I’ve held off wrapping any of the canberra-gtk stuff as I 
seem to recall that it was being dropped, but perhaps that has changed?

* Is there a procedure for submitting libraries for inclusion into the Gnome project proper? I’d be very keen 
on GSound becoming an “official” part of the platform if people find it useful, and I’m happy to follow the 
Gnome release cycles and so forth, but as an “outsider” (currently) I’m not sure what I’d need to do for that 
to happen.

Many thanks,


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