Re: Displaying wallpapers in /usr/share/backgrounds/ in settings

On 03/15/2014 12:15 PM, Michael Ikey Doherty wrote:
IIRC the original reasoning for having the .xml descriptions was having
a nice way to provide human readable names of artwork that could be
chosen in the old GNOME 2 gnome-appearance-properties dialog.
Fair enough. I still think that since it's not used any more it should be deprecated, but if I were one of the developers I guess I wouldn't talk so lightly about that.
I'm somewhat against enabling some form of ruthless search
against /usr/share/backgrounds, as some other tools do. I'm also
somewhat against having automatic recursion of ~/Pictures, for
performance reasons.
Well /usr/share/backgrounds isn't really a random directory, so searching in it shouldn't be considered ruthless. The only wallpapers that end up there are either distro-specific, desktop-associated (part of GNOME/XFCE,etc...), or installed by packages. It seems pretty regulated to me, and I wouldn't expect a user to throw random stuff there. As for searching in ~/Pictures - yes that makes no sense at all. At least not when you can't change it to your own backgrounds/ directory. If there were such an option ~/Pictures would be a sane default.
Given that by default most tools send anything of picture form to
~/Pictures/, even screenshot tools, some web browsers when you
download.. it might make sense having an optional Wallpapers directory,
so that they're split.

Then again, you lose the comfort of XDG user directories and need to
find a way of fitting yet another option into the UI somewhere..
A nice compromise could simply be an "add" button to not need to use
gnome-tweak-tool (though you can already use this to chose a wallpaper
outside of the normal directories, though admittedly its not integrated
with GCC)
Where you can fit an "Add" button - you can fit a "Choose dir" button. I know everybody's crazy about minimalism right now, and adding a user option in GNOME or Unity is like trying to make the designers eat a bowl of acid, but sometimes it's good to have nice things.


Sidenote: I'm also instinctively against /usr/local/share/backgrounds,
for a number of reasons. As a distribution developer, I just avoid
having /usr/local at all, and at any rate that's still part of the root
filesystem. User changes should be restricted to the home directory :)

- Ikey

On Sat, 2014-03-15 at 18:54 +1100, Tim wrote:
While backgrounds themselves are probably pretty harmless, it is in general a bad idea to be manually 
installing stuff in the main filesystem.
Not something that should be encouraged, it can and will cause havoc with packaging systems.

Perhaps it would be better to use:
for this purpose.

On 15/03/14 18:34, Petko Ditchev wrote:
In my opinion with the current look and functionality of the control centre there is no need to define every 
wallpaper in an .xml schema . In
those schemas I saw mostly internationalisation of the wallpaper name which is not used. Assuming that the 
<options><pcolor><scolor> tags are
super essential I'll leave that thought alone and move on to the next one:
  Let's have an option to choose the "backgrounds" folder in the "Pictures" tab of the wallpapers chooser. 
It's a one button solution that
doesn't require me to move my backgrounds to a "Pictures" folder that ideally I don't want to deal with. It's 
not that I'm that lazy, but
since I sync a lot of the information on my computers, pictures and backgrounds included, creating some 
out-of-the-sync-tree folders is
problematic. Again - it's not just my case, I believe it would be a principally better solution.


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