Re: Displaying wallpapers in /usr/share/backgrounds/ in settings

In my opinion with the current look and functionality of the control centre there is no need to define every wallpaper in an .xml schema . In those schemas I saw mostly internationalisation of the wallpaper name which is not used. Assuming that the <options><pcolor><scolor> tags are super essential I'll leave that thought alone and move on to the next one: Let's have an option to choose the "backgrounds" folder in the "Pictures" tab of the wallpapers chooser. It's a one button solution that doesn't require me to move my backgrounds to a "Pictures" folder that ideally I don't want to deal with. It's not that I'm that lazy, but since I sync a lot of the information on my computers, pictures and backgrounds included, creating some out-of-the-sync-tree folders is problematic. Again - it's not just my case, I believe it would be a principally better solution.


On 03/15/2014 12:14 AM, Michael Ikey Doherty wrote:

As far as I know this isn't possible via dconf. There are a number of
sources available, via the Grilo backend.

Main ones:

pictures_path = g_get_user_special_dir (G_USER_DIRECTORY_PICTURES);

Anything from /usr/share/backgrounds *has* to be defined in an XML file
(It's actually been this way for a *long time*)

Check inside /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/*.xml
Here's an example from Fedora's branding changes:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE wallpapers SYSTEM "gnome-wp-list.dtd">
     <wallpaper deleted="false">
         <name>Schrödinger’s Cat Animated</name>


So, you'd need to provide one for each wallpaper you intended to ship
in /usr/share/backgrounds. This is intended behaviour as those
backgrounds are vendor-shipped (Or, layman's terms, they're already
pre-packaged and accounted for in your distributions repositories)

The easiest thing is to just copy files into ~/Pictures (Localization
may provide a different name, it's your XDG Pictures directory)

- Ikey

On Fri, 2014-03-14 at 22:29 +0200, Petko Ditchev wrote:
Hello, I want to ask if there's a way (dconf setting or whatever else)
to make the wallpaper chooser display non-GNOME wallpapers that are in
the backgrounds directory? And as a side question - why restrict to
those in the first place ?!


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