Re: Status of GNOME OS

Hey Oliver,

Oliver Propst <oliver propst gmail com> wrote:
What parts of the initiative are working, should we try to make a new
stronger commitment to the original ideas or are we happy with the situation
today as described on the wiki [2] ?

"GNOME OS" is a label that we used to describe a collection of
complementary efforts, like having continuous testing, sandboxed
applications and a cohesive application developer experience. We're
actually making good progress in most of these areas: OSTree and GNOME
Continuous are getting more advanced all the time, we're pushing
forward with the application developer experience, and the foundations
for sandboxed applications are being laid by the team who have been
working on kdbus.

If you would like to help in these areas, there is certainly plenty to
do, and I'd recommend that you look into each of the areas of work to
get more information.



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