Re: RFC: GSound, a GObject library for playing system sounds


On 4 December 2014 at 12:09, Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote:
On 4 December 2014 at 11:45, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> wrote:
I'm not overly on board with shoving even more API inside GDK just to
keep the number of libraries down.

Right; but from a 40,000ft view, having to depend on a new *set* of
libraries just to do a *BING* sound probably means our "platform"
story isn't awesome.

you would not depend on a new set of libraries: you'd depend on
exactly the same libraries, at least on Linux — except you'd depend on
GDK/libcanberra, instead of depending on GSound/libcanberra. I'm not
going to pass judgment on other platforms because the code for that
does not exist today, so it's pointless to discuss; even if GSound
magically landed inside GDK *now*, you could not depend on it on
Windows or MacOS.

I only want to raise this point because it's all well and good to have
a powerful core platform and avoid the proliferation of small
libraries (at least inasmuch as to avoid another Project Ridley 5
years down the road), but we need to remember that:

  1. our core libraries have API/ABI guarantees
  2. multi-platform development is *not* all fun and games
  3. the resources are not evenly distributed across all platforms
  4. we're already under-resourced on the GNOME platform

so we need to be fairly careful when merging functionality inside the core.


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