Re: RFC: GSound, a GObject library for playing system sounds

On 15 November 2014 at 06:37, Tristan Brindle <tcbrindle gmail com> wrote:
As far as I’m concerned it’s ready to be used, so please go ahead and try it out!

I've done this, and it's indeed much nicer than using libcanberra
directly. With my maintainer hat on, I'm not super happy about
depending on yet-another-helper-library. Surely by pushing all your
awesome code into GDK or GTK we would get all this awesome new
functionality for free in the toolkit? This would also mean the
GTK/win32 crowd could contribute a DirectSound version so that it
works on Win32/MinGW too.

I had a small talk with Matthias this morning on IRC (the GTK
maintainer) and he's 100% okay with the idea of pushing this up into
Gdk/GTK. I think if you were to do this, the number of API users would
be two orders of magnitudes higher than as a separate library that may
or may not exist in the users distribution or embedded target.


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