Re: GNOME HIG: Feedback Wanted

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 12:13 AM, Lasse Schuirmann
<lasse schuirmann gmail com> wrote:

There's no need to clamor for css here - Pango has always provided
markup and attributes to do relative font sizes, like this:

normal <span font_size="larger">big</span> <span

That's interesting.

The theme uses percentages. I'd assume it allows the designers to more
accurately tweak the thing. I'd try to use what the theme provides for
consistency. In any case I'd like to recommend a way for devs to scale text

It seems that pango markup only lets you specify relative sizes in
geometric steps of 1.2. If you want to use arbitrary factors, you
currently have to manually create attributes in code, like this:

pango_attr_scale_new (0.83);

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