Re: GNOME HIG: Feedback Wanted

Another question. On the header bar menus page:

"Header bar menus are not a good choice for performing actions on
selected content: when content hasn't been selected, the menu will
contain unhelpful insensitive menu items, when it has been selected,
possible actions will not be advertised."

This makes me think that it would be good to remove the
Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy/Paste items from the header bar menu in Epiphany,
since they'll usually be disabled, and they're more accessible through a
context menu or a keyboard shortcut.

You then say: "Selection mode or popovers are a better choice for this
situation." Which makes me think, oops, maybe you weren't talking about
selecting text in a text field after all.

So I'm not quite sure how this guideline applies to me, or if anything
needs to be clarified here. Maybe these specific menu items are common
enough they could be addressed directly.


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