Re: Unreviewed patches - is the boat sinking?

The boat is not sinking, but the reputation of Gnome has definitely sunk, and as a consequence, so has Linux.  

The next version of Gnome must include "locally" the most frequently downloaded tweak tool softwares.  By including the top 10 into the basic gnome tweaktool offering, extra security is provided by reducing web access.  I consider the tweaks as patches, to make Gnome more usable on laptops and desktops.  Without the tweaks from the website, would KDE be the best choice?

Re clearing security patches, prioritize them, concentrate on the top 20, and get them implemented.  Then repeat the action until they are none.  It could very well be that publicizing that process would allow Gnome to regain its reputation, and also Linux. 


Mr. Leslie Satenstein

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I've heard a lot of follow-up on this subject except from the original poster.  I really would like to hear their response to the comments that have been offered.

I consider Joanna's email to be a kind of user testing; someone curious to help GNOME looked through our public database of tickets, developed this impression, and then went the extra mile of pointing it out rather than just walking away shaking their head.  Eduard Braun's follow-up I think is also important to consider.

-- Jim

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