Offtopic: Git workflow with external repository and


Bugzilla converted their repository into git. I'd like to host the
changes compared to upstream on But at the same time
easily merge the changes from upstream. Further, I'd like to somehow be
able to also move between versions. E.g. from v4.4 to 4.6.

I've asked below to the Bugzilla developers list, but they're silent.

I don't know much about git. Exact commands to type in would be really
helpful. E.g. sometimes a guide assumes you already put the upstream
repository with your changes on another location. Even that small step
makes me think "ehh?".

Note: Upstream bugzilla still has a bzr "mirror".

Please see below for the original mail I sent to
developers bugzilla org 


Is there any recommended workflow people are using in the following
- be able to commit changes in a self hosted Bugzilla repository
- use that self hosted Bugzilla repository for own installation (easy)
- be able to merge changes from
- be able to move from 4.2 branch to 4.4 branch, etc
- be able to see the difference between local and "pristine upstream"
- how to set all of this up initially?

Any recommended workflow to follow?

I'm pretty much an idiot with git. I've found various guides, just
wondering what people use in practice.


Is that what people do? How do you set up the initial fork?


Any advice very welcome.


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