Re: Request for comments on security of authentication/authorisation UIs

Hey Steve,

Dodier-Lazaro, Steve <s dodier-lazaro 12 ucl ac uk> wrote:
As with any detailed design discussion, face-to-face discussions are
important also. There might be conversations about this at a couple of
upcoming hackfests [2, 3]. Let me know if you're interested in joining
us in Berlin, since I'm involved in organising that event. It would
also be great if you could come to GUADEC this year [4].

It might be a bit too late for SF :) I'm able to come to Berlin, do you reckon
there will be any time to discuss programming sandboxed apps? If so then I'd like
to join! I also put down the GUADEC dates on my calendar. Will be there, surely.

Thinking about this, I'm not sure we'll talk about sandboxing all that
much during the Berlin event itself. I was hoping to check in with
Lennart about it while I'm in town (I'll pass on what I learn!), but
the main focus of the event will be elsewhere. You are totally welcome
to join us if you want, of course, but we'll likely be working on
other things.

I notice you have a UCL email address - a bunch of us will be getting
together for drinks on Friday [1]. It would be great to meet you, if
you want to come along. I could also fill you in on what details I



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