Another look at blocker bugs

Next Monday, we're releasing the 3.9.92 rc and will enter hard code
freeze territory. So this week is the perfect time to whittle the
blocker bug list down a little more. We're down to 21 bugs (from 28
bugs 5 days ago). Thankfully, many of the remaining bugs already have
patches and are actively worked on.

Hi-dpi support
705915 clutter Support high dpi displays

Wayland porting
707704 clutter Prefer Wayland to X11
695737 clutter-gtk Add wayland support
707328 gtk+ Segmentation fault when running on Wayland compositor
706308 mutter Merge the wip/wayland-kms branch
707302 mutter MetaIdleMonitor: fire immediately watches that are already expired
707274 gnome-sessio manager: fix deadlock when registering XSMP clients at login
705504 gnome-shell 3.10: make on-screen keyboard work under wayland

Bluez5 porting
701078 NetworkManag Port NM to BlueZ 5

707799 gnome-shell MessageTrayMenuButton is not key-navigable
707786 gtk+ Collapsed Gtk combo boxes no longer emit accessible
selection-changed events
707778 gnome-contro The redesigned "Universal Access" and "Date &
Time" panels cannot be navigated by the keyboard

699491 gnome-online Don't crash when an identity could not be looked up

Miscellaneous bugs
691187 gnome-contro Battery life estimation over optimistic
706040 gnome-contro power: keyboard brightness shows up uninvited
706056 gnome-initia keyboard: Change label to "keyboard layouts"
rather than input sources
702855 gnome-shell Changing wallpapers eats memory
704607 gnome-shell background scaling does not work for multiple monitors
705779 gnome-shell The text in the search-entry isn't aligned to right
in RTL text
706743 gnome-shell Background changes when changing screen resolution
707486 gnome-shell login screen doing Telepathy calls

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