Re: GNOME Software Center and YOU!

Hi all,

A progress update: lots of upstreams have already merged AppData files
(50 and counting!) but we're still a long way from having all the core
moduleset modules with AppData files. For some of the more important
modules I've setup a google document here:

This is important for gnome software because even though the core
modules are non-removable, they still show up in the update and detail
view and it would be really good to match the mockups provided by
Allan for 3.10.

Once we've got some more contributions and the editing has settled
down, I'll be pestering the upstream GNOME maintainers to ship the
user-contributed extra data upstream for all distros to use. Feel free
to add extra applications to the google document if your module is not
listed there, or just create an AppData file yourself, commit it
upstream and add a link on the document.

Thanks again!


On 29 August 2013 21:07, Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote:
Do you maintain an application that people use? Do you want people to
be able to install it easily in the GNOME Software Center?

If both of those are true, please read the newly finalised AppData
specification [ ]
and ship one tiny extra file in your tarball for 3.10.

People will love you for doing it, and I’ll really appreciate it.
Maybe post 3.10 we can do a GNOME Goal for all the core GNOME modules,
but of course this applies to GNOME, KDE, XFCE and random standalone

Any questions, send me email or grab me on IRC. Thanks!


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