gnome-ostree is now known as gnome-continuous


Just a quick note for the users of gnome-ostree: it is now known as
"gnome-continuous" (or GNOME-Continuous in /etc/os-release).  The new
home page is:

This is just a better name, and hopefully people will stop calling it
"ostree" because that's only a part of the story.  If you need a more
convenient to type name, maybe "GCD"?

If you are using one of the VMs, the existing gnome-ostree refs (e.g.
gnome-ostree/buildmaster/x86_64-devel-debug) are no longer updated.
They now look like e.g. gnome-continuous/buildmaster/x86_64-devel-debug.

To follow the new names:

1) Open /ostree/repo/config, and change all occurrences of gnome-ostree
   to gnome-continuous
2) Edit both .origin files in /ostree/deploy/gnome-ostree/deploy/ in
   the same way.

Yes this is manual, but hopefully illustrates a bit how ostree is
able to pull multiple operating systems from different repositories.
Note due to content-addressed storage, renames are basically zero cost.

That's all, please return to your normal git pushing and ostree pulling!

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