Another 3.10 blocker bug review

Hey, with 3.9.91 out, it is time to get serious about fixing those
bugs. The list has shrunken a bit from last week (down to 28),
partically due to me removing non-critical issues, but also due to
issues being fixed. Thanks to everybody who fixed a blocker bug since
last week !

Here is the current list, with some annotations:

705915 Support high dpi displays

The device scale support has finally been merged in cairo master.
Therefore, this bug would make our hi-dpi story a little more complete
in 3.10.

695737 Add wayland support

This would give applications like totem or gnome-boxes a chance to
work under wayland.

691187 Battery life estimation over optimistic
706578  Top bar appears in wrong position in background thumbnail

707539  SIGSEGV in libgnome-desktop (g_time_zone_new())

This may turn out to be a glib issue, or a build issue. Crashes
gnome-settings-daemon though, so would be good to track down.

702107 gnome-initia Window resizes when you select a different language
702310 gnome-initia Map is too small
702349 gnome-initia Input sources redesign
706056 gnome-initia keyboard: Change label to "keyboard layouts"
rather than input sources
706320 gnome-initia User account page bounces around

These are collectively about keeping gnome-initial-setup up-to-date
wrt. to the corresponding gnome-control-center UI. I fear we'll just
have to move these to the next cycle unless somebody steps up to help

700726 gnome-music only checks for new music at start

gnome music is a new app we're previewing this cycle, so this is not
super-critical.  I'll move it off the list unless something happens
here soon.

699491 gnome-online Don't crash when an identity could not be looked up
694003 gnome-online google docs collections empty

Debarshi is working on these.

707274 gnome-sessio manager: fix deadlock when registering XSMP clients at login

This was already fixed in another place, so not critical anymore.

702855 gnome-shell Changing wallpapers eats memory
704607 gnome-shell background scaling does not work for multiple monitors
705504 gnome-shell 3.10: make on-screen keyboard work under wayland
705779 gnome-shell The text in the search-entry isn't aligned to right
in RTL text
706191 gnome-shell System menu - align submenu labels with parent
706743 gnome-shell Background changes when changing screen resolution
706903 gnome-shell Calendar has some key-navigation and accessibility issues
707398 gnome-shell icons in notification area have some weird background

Background handling issues, wayland stuff, rtl, a11y... if people are
looking for a place to help out, there's work to be done here, not
just writing fixes, but also debugging and testing.

707362 gnome-sudoku gnome-sudoku crashes, code uses old names for gsettings keys

Patch available, would be great to fix this crash for 3.10.

707358 gnome-themes Menus appear misaligned outside gnome-shell

Not really a 3.10 blocker, since it only happens outside GNOME, but we
want GTK+ to remain useful outside of GNOME, so fixing this would be
great. Cosimo will take a look.

695318 gnome-weathe showing reload icons every startup isn't very nice

Just one of a few items that were mentioned as warts in GNOME weather,
not critical. I'll move it off the list soon.

707328 gtk+ Segmentation fault when running on Wayland compositor

This looks like a crash in the wayland client-side, needs debugging by
the Wayland crew.

707302 mutter MetaIdleMonitor: fire immediately watches that are already expired

One of the many wayland-support patches that are in flight. Not a
critical one, will move it off the list soon.

701078 NetworkManag Port NM to BlueZ 5

We need this to complete the bluez5 transition. The NetworkManager
team is working on this now, and I'm told there will soon be a NM
release that takes care of this.

The full list is available here:;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=ASSIGNED;bug_status=REOPENED;bug_status=NEEDINFO;cf_gnome_target=3.10;query_format=advanced;query_based_on=;columnlist=product%2Cshort_desc

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