Re: 3.12 feature: polari

David Woodhouse <dwmw2 infradead org> wrote:
The usage patterns for IRC are different from regular IM (passive
presence in many "always on" channels vs. active participation in a
smaller number of temporally specific conversations). You can't
support both with the same UI (I know, I've tried to design such a

I'm not so sure they're really different.

I have a passive presence on my corporate IM system, always indicating
my availability (available/busy/away/etc.). And it's very likely to be
'always on' these days, since I can also receive voice calls from the
PSTN when I'm connected to it.

And there are obviously the small number of temporally specific
conversations that you mention.

But all that *also* describes my IRC usage. Yeah, it's always on, and it
can indicate my availability, and I'll have a number of short-lived

To me, there isn't a clear distinction between one and the other.

 * You tend to join channels, not conversations.
 * Individuals tend to be on a high number of channels simultaneously.
 * Channels often have a high number of people in them.
 * Your interest in a channel tends remain the same over time.
 * Most people tend to read and not write.
 * Participants are often strangers.

 * Conversation based rather than channel based.
 * You know the people you talk to.
 * The number of conversations you are involved in at any one time
tends to be fairly low.
 * Conversations tend to be temporally specific.
 * The number of participants in a conversation tends to be low.
 * All the participants in a conversation usually speak.

The distinction seems pretty clear to me.

There's a broad *spectrum* of communication, and even 'group chat' can
end up including "meetings", with audio conferencing, desktop sharing
and all the other stuff that can bring. But then, so can 1:1 messaging.

Well sure, the world is a messy place. That goes for pretty much
anything; but you still have to make a call and decide what it is that
you want to build. Saying "it's complicated, so we'll build all the
complexity into a single tool" is not a recipe for success.


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