Re: GNOME keyring unlocking

Very good points . It seems I have a lot more to read on linux
security .

On Thu, 2013-10-10 at 19:01 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
On 10/10/13 18:12, p10 wrote:
That's my current "security setup" - a user account that I use for
everything , and 'su' into root with a password I don't keep stored

If you type your root password into a gnome-terminal running with user
privileges, a shell running with user privileges, etc., then your user
account is root-equivalent to a determined attacker (for instance, other
user processes could ptrace the gnome-terminal or shell, or put a
keylogging 'su' wrapper in the $PATH).

If you want real privilege separation, you'll need to log in as root (or
as a separate administrative account) via something more privileged than
your user account (e.g. gdm, or getty(8)/login(1) on a text-mode virtual

if a root service unlocks
the key-ring for all the user-space programs - there's no point in
having the system in the first place . So that is a problem that if I'm
not mistaken stands with the current setup too - if you unlock the
keyring every user-space app can access the stored passwords .

gnome-keyring does not protect you from your own user session. Security
is meaningless without a security model, and gnome-keyring's security
model is <>.

When applications within a user session can be protected from each
other, it will make sense to develop a new security model. I don't think
we're there yet.


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