GNOME keyring unlocking

Hello , all ,
I just transitioned from Thunderbird to Evolution + GNOME online
accounts and found out there's one big drawback (at least for me it's
very annoying) - autologin doesn't unlock the keyring . I think I
understand more or less why that's happening , but autologin is useless
if you're going to enter your password after 5 seconds anyway , which
makes this feature incompatible with "Online accounts" . Now that's what
I consider a serious problem , because most users will prefer to
auto-login and when they encounter the issue - what will they do ?
Search in Google of course ! And the only solution to be found is
turning off encryption (setting a blank password) for the keyring . (not
mentioning the other solution is to continue being frustrated by the
password prompt as long as possible) 

 Now my first question is - how does GDM store the password to autologin
a specific user , when AFAIK the kernel handles user login services and
the passwords there are probably stored in hashes , so GDM needs to give
the kernel the actual password to authenticate the user (other option is
that the kernel has an outologin option , but that doesn't seem like
something Linus would approve) . So if this is the case why can't GDM
unlock the keyring in the same manner it unlocks the user session ?
(sorry for making so much assumptions , hopefully I've stayed in the
lines of what's logical)


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