3.10.1 coming up!

After catching our breath for a while, and enjoying 3.10.0, now it is time to put out a 3.10.1 release to fix annoyances and bugs that have come up since 3.10.0. I have marked a few bugs as candidates for fixes to include in 3.10.1 - I hesitate to call them blockers, since many of them are not that serious. But still, it would be nice to fix some of these before rolling the 3.10.1 tarballs next Monday.

705915     clutter             Support high dpi displays
702107     gnome-initia     Window resizes when you select a different language
702310     gnome-initia     Map is too small
709575     gnome-initia     Sync user accounts panel with the control center
706056     gnome-initia     keyboard: Change label to "keyboard layouts" rather than input sources
706316     gnome-initia     Rebrand "Location" to "Time Zone"
706229     gnome-settin     mouse cursor occasionally invisible after logging in
702952     gnome-settin     Aspect ratio corrected speed in the two axes
708253     gnome-shell     Don't show a close button for resident notifications
708967     gnome-shell     Wi-Fi submenu shows "Turn Off" menu item even when already "Off"
709167     gnome-shell     VPN submenu is missing "VPN Settings" item
709043     gnome-shell     Wifi labeled as "off" when it should say "disconnected"
709128     gnome-shell     select network option is lame when wifi is off
709201     gnome-shell     pressing escape in lock screen doesn't record immediate keypresses anymore
702637     gnome-shell     keyword matches should be ranked lower than name matches
709216     gnome-shell     Hotplugging an external monitor makes wallpaper disappear
704844     gnome-shell     dismissing a notification from an action button doesn't correctly hide the close button
709607     gnome-shell     lock-screen unlocks computer afeter several tries
706201     gnome-shell     Shell search does find only programs shipped with gnome
707799     gnome-shell     MessageTrayMenuButton is not key-navigable
708336     gnome-shell     Being able to use GDM via the keyboard (no mouse)
708764     gnome-shell     Names ellipsized too aggressively
707486     gnome-shell     login screen doing Telepathy calls
708910     gnome-shell     system modals on the lock screen

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