Re: Switching Between Applications in Gnome 3

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 06:52:01PM +0300, אנטולי קרסנר wrote:

The question is, how can I improve that? Switching between windows,
especially on different workspaces, becomes very slow. I tried using alt
+tab, but when I hold alt+tab for too long, the marker starts running
through the list of windows and I can't efficiently click on the one I

Oops, wait a second! I just tried the alt+tab keys again, and now it
seems I was rejecting them too easily... I think it can work for me :)

But anyway, is there some workflow you recommend for programming? I have
one 15.6' screen and I need many windows open. Maybe there's some
keyboard-driven approach which I and other people should be more aware


My workflow is similar to yours. Maybe I don't have so many windows
open, but I use separate workspaces for programming and non-programming
related tasks. I use Alt+Tab to switch between them. By default Alt+Tab
displays all applications from all workspaces. If you have many apps on many
workspaces, it interferes with your current activity on current workspace, so
I made small extension:

It displays only apps and windows from active workspace, so if I have 3 apps
on my programming workspace, I can quickly Alt+Tab through them. Maybe it's
not sane default for gnome-shell, but you may find it useful, if separate your
tasks on different workspaces.
I really think Gnome 3 can be great and more people can find it useful.
It's just a matter of knowing how to use it efficiently. So if you have
any advice for me, it's very welcome :)

Look for other extensions as well. There are chances that people faced similar
problems with their workflow and solved them with extensions.


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