Re: Switching Between Applications in Gnome 3

On Thu, 2013-05-30 at 18:52 +0300, אנטולי קרסנר wrote:


I've been using Gnome 3.4.2 for long time. I started using Gnome 3
because I believe in innovation and evolution through trial and error.
But I noticed a problematic recurring pattern in my usage of my laptop
(I don't carry it anywhere, and it's has a large screen, so it can be
considered like a desktop computer).

When I work, especially when I program, I have many windows open:

Gedit for source code (I know, I know, I should start using an IDE)
Epiphany window for programming-related pages
Epiphany window for other pages (webmail, social network, etc.)
Nautilus, with 2-4 several tabs open, maybe also 2 windows
Gnome Terminal window, with the working directory being my git repo
Gnome Terminal window for compiling short experiment programs I write

I'm not sure why you should start using IDE? Different people use
different tools (I use both gedit and emacs for programming on Gnome).

This is a lot of open windows, so I group them into workspaces. But it
doesn't help, I still feel too inefficient sometimes, and I'd like to
know how I can improve my desktop worflow and usage.

A typical workspace arrangement I use is listed in the bottom of this

The problems I encounter:

1. When I need to switch between windows in the same workspace, I take
the mouse cursor to the corner of the screen, then click on the window I
want to see.

2. When I need to switch between windows in different workspaces, I move
the mouse cursor to the corner of the window, then move it to the
workspace sidebar, click on the one I want, then click on the window I

I am not a designer but for me the most convenient way is:

1. Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down to switch between workspaces
2. Use always on top + mutters tiling features to have windows I need to
be opened at the same time. Say terminal window pinned to corner over
documentation (using always on top) or evince and gedit side by side. (I
believe 'always on top' is the killer feature of Linux for power users -
even my friends using Windows/Mac OS X did agreed that it would be
useful add-on).

Best regards

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