Prepare the ground for the future GNOME IDE


When seeing the tentative design of the future GNOME IDE [1] (for 
JavaScript), it seems that Anjuta is not a good base. Anjuta is a 
general-purpose IDE with a completely different design. It's probably 
better to create a new application to focus only on JavaScript.

The new application would use GtkSourceView, of course, but it's far 
from sufficient for having the text editor part of the IDE. For this, 
why not reusing the gedit internals? I plan to make the gedit source 
code more reusable, and create a libgedit (or another name), for the 
GSoC this year.

The architecture of the gedit code is simpler than Anjuta's. I don't 
know the details, but Anjuta makes an abstraction above GtkSourceView 
and Scintilla (a similar library), which complexify the architecture. In 
my opinion, it's better to enhance GtkSourceView if some features are 

So that's why I think gedit is a better base for the text editor part of 
the future GNOME IDE.

What do you think?



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