Re: The name of applications on GNOME 3.7.92 testing image

(disclaimer: I have not read the full thread in detail)

Here is in short my opinion:

1) I do not mind gedit not being in the core: I do not think a text
editor is a fundamental part of the "out of the box" experience of an
OS. I still like to think of it as an important part of gnome and as
the default text editor for gnome

2) I would love to see new applications replacing some of the *use
cases* in a more user friendly way (e.g. Notes)

3) I surely hope gnome developers do not put effort into writing yet
another notepad-like text editor

4) gedit is extensible and quite powerful in some aspects, but out of
the box it is still a very simple and familiar text editor

5) I liked gedit being called "Text Editor" in the gnome-2 menus, with
the gnome-shell app list it is less important and "text" and "editor"
are listed as keywords, but I would not mind switching back

6) I do not agree about removing "gedit" from the about dialog (and
this is a generic issue in gnome 3 apps): I think that if someone
opens the about dialog is because he wants to learn *more* about the
application, and for instance he should find a name that he can use to
look for stuff in google: searching for "gedit plugins" gives useful
results, searching for "text editor plugins" does not

Hope it clarifies,



On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Florian Müllner <fmuellner gnome org> wrote:
On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 8:12 PM, Mike <mikeandmore gmail com> wrote:
I agree with the fact that we need a simpler text editor, but let's
just call it as "Textpad" or something....... without excluding gedit.

Nobody is excluding gedit. The gedit developers *want* their project
to be called "gedit" rather than "Text Editor" [0]. The fact that some
distributions disrespect that wish and rebrand gedit downstream is not
enough of a reason to pick a weaker name for a different[1] upstream
project in my opinion.

[0] is fairly old,
but the response to more recent attempts to rebrand gedit has been the
same as far as I know
[1] I'm explicitly not saying "competing" - as Jasper has pointed out,
the target audience is quite different
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