Re: How to submit patches for gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon

Hi Bastien, hi Andre,

Dnia 19 Marca 2013, 17:58, Wt, Bastien Nocera napisał(a):
As Andre mentioned, git-bz will definitely help :)
Thanks for the git-bz hint!

What about submitting patches using "git send-email" (default method for
linux kernel). Is it possible?

We don't use mailing-lists as bug trackers in GNOME. We also don't use
signed-off-by as all this information is already in Bugzilla.
OK, I'll remember that!

I've also CC:ed the mailing-list for GNOME Settings, and you can chat in
#control-center on GIMPNet if you want a higher throughput channel.
OK, thanks!

Looking forward to those Wacom OLED patches ;)
Me too! ;-) (I have working oled helper and some really dirty half
finished code for the CC, GSD and libwacom)

Just to make sure that I understand the workflow (real life example, the
patches are ready to be send):
1. I made a trivial patch set that is not related to any existing bug -
it's simple code cleaning.
2. I should go to and create a bug report (category:
enhancement) describing that's it's a code cleaning in
3. Upload my patch set using browser OR
4. Use git-bz to upload patches to bugzilla using bug number.

So if i understand if correctly point 2 cannot be avoided? I don't mind
that, but i want to be sure I'm not doing anything that can be avoided ;-)

I was looking for information if it's possible the create a bug report
from command line using git-bz, but I can't find anything like that.

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