On Tue, 12 Mar 2013 17:31:21 +0100, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>
(...) Still we *highly* encourage you to
communicate your plans for your projects early. 

Hi all,

I'm requesting a new module inclusion : Bijiben
It's another note taking application [1] - goal is to implement "Notes"
design [2]
- Thanks to cosimoc, rishi, olav, designers, translators, packagers, &
my family! -

Currently one can import notes from Tomboy and/or Gnote but the format
is slightly different.

The mockup is not yet totaly respected (devil is in details!)
It's GPL of course, does not add new external dep' (libxml2 libuuid).
Internally, it's webkitgtk (not yet WebKit2) , libgd, still a bit of
clutter-gtk to get rid of.

There's a manual (not yet translated though), Git & Bugzilla are
already set up.

3.8 releases were done - mostly to get familiar with releasing
That said you might be lucky enough to find a package :
Mageia [3]
Arch [4]
/me proposing for fedora [5]
Seems there is a work on Debian [6]

jhbuild moduleset : Wiki [7] says to mail gargnome for jhbuild
Not sure how to update the wiki: it's release-team i guess?

Have fun

PS : sorry i will probably not access my mails until tomorrow


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