Blocker bug review ahead of freeze


the 3.9.90 release is coming up next week - it marks the beginning of
our freezes, so this is a good time to review the blocker bug list
again. After my first post earlier this week, I got some
contributions, so the list is well-populated now.

To everybody who closed a blocker bug since the last review: Thanks so much !

To everybody else: here's your chance !

705710  evdev: fix X11 to evdev keycode translation
705915  Support high dpi displays
695737  Add wayland support

679438  Python 3 / Windows / cmake port
696633  gdbus-codegen trips over unicode chars when using python 3.x


691187  Battery life estimation over optimistic
694985  Mould date-time settings into new designs
696166  have lock screen curtain background configurable
705573  display: merge the wip/wayland-display branch
705935  Make it possible to connect to alternate connections


705510  Merge the wip/wayland-display branch


686527  Pickup ownCloud accounts from GOA


705412  hi-dpi support: include @2 scaled icons


696059  Use the grey texture background
702107  Window resizes when you select a different language
702310  Map is too small
702349  Input sources redesign


700726  only checks for new music at start


705507  Merge the wip/wayland-display branch


647074  GNOME Shell Magnifier should track focus and the caret
686616  Don't show resident notifications on the lock screen
699272  Move the message tray menu to the message tray button
704607  background scaling does not work for multiple monitors
705497  make gnome-shell build two binaries
705504  3.10: make on-screen keyboard work under wayland
705647  New System Status design lost the ability to suspend
705733  Make new system status implementation respect the
always-show-universal-access-status setting


706068  GtkEventBox getting transparent background in backdrop


703999  drop the intro animation


695222  window changes size
695318  showing reload icons every startup isn't very nice
695764  use a spinner instead of view-refresh icon
699915  Selection pattern design updates
704268  Show weather for the current location


672358  Introduce a GdkClipboard abstraction to replace the various
GtkClipboard implementations
697127  gedit context menu uses fixed-width font
698307  There should be support for the Wayland input method protocol
698833  Regression in GtkGrid after baseline support
701125  port scrolling to GtkPixelCache
701126  port scrolling to GtkPixelCache
702914  Button, menu appearance not updated correctly
703124  [regression] Scrolling results in upper part of spreadsheet
being obscured
704134  No way to disable cursor blinking
705921  HeaderBars without a titlebar need to have rounded corners


705670  Add a DBus API for display configuration under X


701078  Port NM to BlueZ 5

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